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We have construction experts prepared to work ‘round the clock for a variety of infrastructure projects. When it comes to modern infrastructure, we need to consider roads of course, but also: water and irrigation systems, sewers, gas, and electrical pieces. Our experts are fully trained for a variety of road construction work for municipal and commercial organizations alike.
Winnipeg Excavating provide detailed workmanship while we uphold the highest safety standards possible. This means proper signage around every turn so drivers and pedestrians can be aware, proper signage for all workers, PPE worn at all times for the safety of all workers, and properly and regularly maintained equipment so we can be efficient while mitigating safety risks. 

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    • Road design and grading development
    • Road construction and paving- concrete, stone, gravel, and asphalt
    • Road removal and grading
    • Retaining WallRock wall and retaining wall installation
    • Drainage, irrigation, and all types of water management
    • Subsoil ripping and removal
    • Asphalt resurfacing
    • Slip plowing and deep plowing
    • Site preparation and Site Clearing
    • Safe material/debris disposal

    Our trained professionals are experienced working with all levels of government on a variety of provincial and municipal road construction projects, and we’ll work with them to ensure we help impact the environment as little as possible. This means we are also experienced in dealing with a variety of materials: asphalt, gravel, concrete and more. These roads connect us to everything- our work, our commodities, our family and friends, our leisure and fun, and more, and are a vital piece of our economy. We help connect you by ensuring quality road work completely with safety at the top of our minds.

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